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Medals & Trophies

Since first competing in the Junior National Championships in 2007, Phil Burgess has won over 50 medals in UK aerobatic competitions. He was crowned British National Champion in 2015 and has won National Points Championship Trophies eight times. 


In 2011 he won the inaugural Queens Air Race Challenge Cup, where an advanced aerobatic sequence had to be flown against the clock. With smallest and lowest powered aircraft in the event he showed that to be fastest you must do more than just fly fast! The priceless silver trophy is on display at the Royal Air Force Museum Hendon.

2016 was the first season in which Phil competed at Unlimited level in the National Championships. Flying against world class competitors, he won the Bronze Medal.


Phil Burgess is very proud to announce that following the award of a place on the British Aerobatic Team, he intends to compete in the 29th World Aerobatic Championships to be held in Malelane, South Africa in September 2017.  Phil will share the XA-41 usually flown by Gerald Cooper, Great Britain's highest achieving aerobatic pilot to date. Team GBR training sessions are already underway!

This video shows Phil getting to grips with the XA-41 in an Unlimited level Free-program during a training camp in 2014. 

More training sessions are planned in the run up to the contest. Check here again soon to see the teams progress. 

Results from the contest can be found at the following link to the CIVA website.

Development of the Free Known program is underway in the DR-107 One Design. This video shows Phil's 5th version of this sequence. There are still a few modifications to the sequence required prior to the competitions at the British Nationals and the World Aerobatics Championship. 

Flown at Barkston Heath, the wind was blowing 120 degrees at 25kts making positioning a challenge.  

With only three weeks remaining until the start of WAC2017, development of the free known is still progressing. Flying the XA-41 and now on version 13 of this sequence design, attention is focusing on ensuring the sequence can be flown in a variety of wind conditions.  

Flown at Wickenby, the wind was blowing 170 degrees at 15kts giving a slight tailwind on the A axis.  

WAC2017 is now complete. This video depicts Phil's flight in program 2, the first of the three unknown programs. Scoring 73.96% Phil achieved a world ranking of 11 in this program. 

With 38 degree centigrade ambient temperatures, light but wildly variable winds and an airfield elevation of 1300 feet above sea level, this was a challenging environment in which to fly an unlimited level unknown program.

WAC2017 13
WAC2017 10
WAC2017 9
WAC2017 8
WAC2017 7
WAC2017 6
WAC2017 5
WAC2017 4
WAC2017 3
WAC2017 2
WAC17 1
Palm Trees

Sample the atmosphere of the World Aerobatics Championhsip in these two videos sponsored by the FAI and produced by Jason Alexander. 

See some of the highlights including in flight footage and interviews from all the worlds top pilots.


2019 WAC 3
2019 WAC 4
2019 WAC 6
2019 WAC 2
2019 WAC 1
2019 WAC 5


Phil Burgess is currently seeking sponsorship deals to help with the costs associated with training and competing at the apex of this demanding air sport.

A growing portfolio of sponsors is being managed by Hatched Brands, the UK's leading Brand Placement specialist. To become associated with Phil Burgess Aerobatics and Team GBR as they prepare for the World Aerobatics Championships, please contact a member of the Hatched Brands team to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Click the Hatched Brands logo to contact the team!


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