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Spectacular Smoke

Book a display to see Phil Burgess fly the only DR-107 One Design on the UK display circuit. This unique aerobatic display lasts around 8 minutes and uses an awesome smoke system to accentuate many of the figures. 

Displays can be flown at a variety of locations in the UK for many types of events and don't necessarily need to be over an airfield. Whether over open countryside or sea front sites, there may be airspace and other operational considerations at your location. Contact us to check that your venue is suitable to host a flying display. 

Incredible Performance

Watch Phil fly the aircraft to the limit with an expertly choreographed mix of high octane freestyle and classic aerobatic figures. 

Thanks to the very light weight of this aircraft, Phil has negotiated a special CAA endorsement to display the full performance envelope of this aircraft much closer to the crowd than similar display acts.  All displays are fully compliant with CAA safety regulations yet still pack a punch! 

Personal Service

Contact us with details of your event timings and location to receive a free quotation including all CAA admin fees, aircraft operating costs and any additional expenses. 


For private events, all administration and liaison with the CAA can be completed on your behalf allowing you more time to manage other aspects of your event. (additional fees apply)

For Flying Display Directors, a full documentation pack tailored to your requirements is available by post. This information can  also be downloaded here to save your valuable time. For access to these documents you will need to contact us for an admin password.

Typical display
Testing new figures
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