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Pitts Special S1-C 

Phil Burgess owned and operated a Pitts Special S1-C from 2007 to 2009. In this time he taught himself to fly competition aerobatics and started flying displays in 2008.

With 180HP, fixed pitch propeller and inverted fuel and oil systems, this basic variant of the Pitts is a cost effective means of starting out in the sport of aerobatics though today it is easily outclassed in competition by more modern aircraft. (this aircraft is no longer available for display bookings)

Rihn DR-107 One Design

The DR-107 One Design was created in the USA by Dan Rihn in 1993. With a tubular steel fuselage and wooden wing, it was designed to be simple to build and employs modern aerodynamics to ensure it remains competitive with the more costly factory built aircraft available today. 

It is becoming increasingly popular with aerobatic pilots around the world who have come to realise that it offers the best performance per dollar of any type available.

Read more about the DR107 in the August 2015 Light Aviation magazine article written by Phil Burgess at this link

Follow this link to read the original pilot report by Budd Davisson following his early test flights in the prototype.

This PDF is a copy of the July 2016 edition of the American magazine Sport Aerobatics featuring more of Phil's work. 

Coming Soon!

For the 2018 season a brand new Pitts Special S1-S will be available for display bookings in addition to the DR-107. This aircraft is currently under construction with first test flights planned for summer 2017. 

This aircraft features the same wings and ailerons as seen on the factory built Pitts S1-T and should prove to have excellent handling. Its 180HP engine and fixed pitch prop will help keep operating costs to a minimum. 

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