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SOLD !!!

Built by Phil Burgess, Pitts Special S1S G-OSIS won the Prince Michael of Kent Trophy for Concourse D'elegance (Best in Show) at the 2018 LAA Rally, plus a commendation in the best plans built aircraft category. With only the test flying hours completed since new, G-OSIS is the closest you can get to purchasing a brand new Pitts S1S in 2018. 



Approx 12 (twelve!) hours since new. No damage history.

Empty weight 830lbs.


Stock S1S with Grove Spring Gear

Carbon-Fibre nose-bowl, spinner and spats


S1T Wings with symmetrical ailerons giving much faster roll rate than the standard S1S spec with integral top wing fuel tank installed 

Internal VHF Comm antenna for reduced drag


180HP Lycoming AEIO-360-A4M approx 12 (twelve!) hours

since zero time overhaul

Airflow Performance Fuel Injection

Sky Dynamics cross-over exhaust

B&C Light Weight Alternator & Skytec lightweight starter

Christen inverted oil system 


Hercules propeller

Airflow performance electric fuel boost pump package

MGL Extreme EMS

Trig TY92 VHF Comm system (8.33KHz)

USB for charging GPS / tablet or phone

Price £59,995 GBP 
Currently located at Wickenby UK

Not to be confused with other Pitts currently on the market, G-OSIS is a completely new build rather than a high time rebuild or repaired crashed aircraft. It has never suffered any accident damage or hangar rash. Even the canopy bears no scratches or swirls! Such is the pristine condition of this aircraft that it justifiably won the Concourse D'Elegance trophy for best aircraft in the show at the 2018 LAA Rally.


Construction began in the 1980's with the project changing hands several times over the years. I bought it about 6 years ago at the stage where the primary structure was largely complete. The basic airframe components were signed off by Rob Millinship and the finished project was signed off by Rick Hand. I completely stripped the fuselage and tail and after completing some welding jobs the wings were rigged for the first time allowing accurate interplane struts to be built. Next came construction of new fuselage panels, fabric, paint and installation of the engine and various systems.

The wings were just about ready to cover when I purchased the project and have routed ply ribs with the correct Pitts S1T aerofoil sections. The most notable improvement over stock S1S wings are the symmetrical section ailerons which give a higher roll rate and reduced adverse yaw when rolling under negative G.  


The engine is a zero timed lycoming O-360 A4M (solid crank) which was built at Swift Air. It is fitted with all new slick magnetos, airflow performance FM-150 fuel injection, sky-dynamics crossover exhaust, Christen oil system, B&C spin on oil filter, light weight B&C alternator and Skytec starter. Engine instrumentation is via an MGL extreme EMS. A new Hercules propeller is fitted as developed by Lauren Richardson and Rupert Wasey. 


The electrical system is simple with a light weight battery, Airflow Performance fuel pump package, (no wobble pump worries) Trig TY92 radio (8.33Khz) and USB charger. The centre of the instrument panel has a mount for a 7 inch tablet (I use a galaxy tab 3) or a phone etc for GPS and music. For competition use, a large sequence card goes here!  A brand new 7 point hooker harness is fitted.

There is a long range fuel tank built into the top wing but I have not plumbed it into the fuel system. There is plenty of space beneath the main fuel tank for a header tank or smoke system as desired. G-OSIS features Grove gun drilled spring gear, making ground handling easier than the stock bungee gear and gives less aerodynamic drag.

Aerobatic flight testing is now complete and the current permit to fly runs until July 2019. To date the airframe has completed approx 12 hours since new (and since zero time engine). I have only carried out basic aerobatics to date in order to satisfy the flight test requirements. This aircraft has not seen any hard competition style aerobatics or abuse. It stalls straight and level upright and inverted with no wing drop if flown accurately. All aerobatics are exactly as you would expect for a 180HP Pitts S1 with T wings. The rate of climb is around 2350fpm initially, reaching 9500 feet within five minutes from takeoff at max gross weight. Cruise speed of up to 155mph is achievable. 


Empty weight is 830lbs which I believe is around 20lbs lighter than would be expected for a similarly equipped example. Please see the weight and balance calculator to see if it suits your actual weight. I used measurements taken from this actual airframe due to the spring gear configuration to ensure accuracy. 


I am selling because I also have a One-Design (G-RIHN) and a growing family. I simply can't afford to have two aircraft insured and hangared.  


If you have any specific questions I'd be more than happy to answer them by email.

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